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Mince Meat, The Real Stuff

Real mince meat contains meat. I prefer it to the stuff that you find in most supermarkets.

The Day After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Everyone is anticipating the holiday dinner. Does anyone get excited about the day after the feast? They will be camping by your door if you offer leftovers like this.

Planning Meals for Kids

The great balancing act of parents who cook is preparing meals that kids actually want to eat while making sure that they are getting all the nutrients they need while growing. Recipe4Living would like to offer some simple suggestions for planning meals for kids to ease your dinnertime frustrations.

Scale Them? But That Will Take All Day

When you catch a fish the first thing you do is scale them. Right? Not always. Especially when it comes to these little fish.

Home Open Fire Pizza Maker

The world’s best pizza is cooked in open-flame ovens. Now, with this new pizza maker that fits on top of your gas or charcoal grill, you can make your own pizza that tastes like it is oven fired.

I Dare You! I Double Dare You To Make Your Own Pie Crust

We can purchase most anything in a store today. There are pre made, pre baked and frozen pie shells of any kind , but why not make them yourself.

Venison Country Pepper Steak

The most tender part of venison is the loin. Sometimes the other steaks require a little help in that department. I use this old time way to tenderize naturally.

Cooking The Perfect Chicken

One of the main dangers when cooking chicken is the risk of salmonella. The neatest thing about cooking chicken is watching it turn from this pale, fleshy mass into edible-looking pieces of charred poultry meat.

The Best Pickle For a Bloody Mary

This is the only pickle I like in a Bloody Mary. They are good just to eat out of the jar too. They will not be found in a store.

Cooking For The Holidays

The subject of this article is that cooking for the holidays is actually easier than you think.

Caution! Enjoy In Moderation

I put labels on all of my home made food. My berries require a warning label.

Cooking for Vegetarians at Thanksgiving

Read these 10 top tips to ensure that your vegetarian guests have an enjoyable thanksgiving.

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