basta ofw sa ibang bansa pag kain pinoy parin ang masarap

Smoked Turkey – A Holiday Alternative to Oven Roasting

For generations people have been dropping turkeys into the oven and roasting for hours. They use stuffings and little pop up timers. Guess what?

Breakfast Cooking on the Quick

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and most of us who are always on the go often tend to skip it because we don’t have time to prepare one. Find out some useful tips on how to quickly prepare delicious breakfast that you won’t have to skip one for the rest of your life!

Pizza Sausage

I still can’t think of another dish that is delicious and yummy as sausage pizzas. Their aroma and taste makes them definitely the best. No wonder pizza is a very popular dish. It’s simply made of bread and different ingredients are used for topping such as tomato ketchup or sauce, cheese, garlic, chicken, beef, vegetables like onion, tomato, capsicum, sweet corn, and so on.

Pizza Stones

When making pizza, the taste will actually depend on the cooking process. In fact, for you to make a spicy and delicious one, the way you bake it will greatly determine the taste. Some ovens do not give the familiar and traditional taste and thus if you want this taste, then you need to always bake on the pizza stone.

Frying Pans Review

They are part of life in all cultures around the world and have been passed from generations to generations. They’re mostly made of cast iron, tinned copper and aluminum.

Character Cake Pans

Imagine how wonderful it would be if you baked your child a Scooby Doo or Mickey Mouse cake for his/her birthday. I am sure the joy on its face could tell it all. Well, making a great and fancy customized cake is simple and possible with the help of character cake pans.

Steel Pans

Are you looking for great comfort in the kitchen? Well, a steel pan is all you need. Despite its pros and cons its the best compared to other cast iron models. Due to its safe nature from rust and chemical reactions, it’s perfect in making various delicious dishes.

Shaped Cake Pans

Cakes don’t always look round and square. They may take various funny shapes that are pleasing and enjoyable to everyone in a party or generally a celebration. Have you ever wondered what you can achieve with a funny shaped cake pan?

Roasting Pans

A time like now when the holiday season is just around the corner, we really rush to buy a roasting pan so as to cook something special for our families. Am sure you may be planning to get one soon. Well, you need a few tips so as to get the best quality out there.

Choosing Pots and Pans

Can you imagine investing money in shaped cake pans when you actually don’t have time to bake? Well, it would definitely be ridiculous. That’s why before you buy any cook ware you’ve to consider the type of food you actually cook and whether you really need it.

A Review of Pots and Pans

Can you imagine your kitchen without pots and pans? Am sure you don’t like the idea. In fact it’s like having no salt or pepper in your kitchen. For this cookware, you just can’t find a perfect substitute.

Pizza Pans

The mention of pizza makes some of us think of the yummy, delicious and finger liking tasty dish that we can only imagine of at this time. The good thing is that you can make some at home with the help of a pizza pan.

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