Ang sarap Pala pag haluin ang sardines at sotanghon

Iron Chef Chen Kenichi

If there’s one chef who has made his mark on television, it’s Chen Kenichi, the only Iron Chef to have been on the hugely successful “Iron Chef” television series from its start in 1993 to 2002.

10 Shortcuts for Quicker Meals

1. Use Your Blender: It can help you chop and dice particular ingredients in a short amount of time. It is generally smaller and easier to clean than the food processor.

Donut Making The Lost Art

I believe donut making is truly a lost art. The bakers and donut makers of yesteryears that trained me would not appreciate me giving away secrets.

An Impressive Dinner Party Dessert for Around $10

The Bargain Queen’s favourite dinner party dessert. It’s easy, impressive, irresistably yummy and costs about $10 for four generous serves.

Traditional Indian Cooking

This article provides an overview of what characterizes traditional Indian cooking. It gives insights into the varieties of Indian cuisines and use of spices.

It’s Time To Step Up To Barbeque Smokers

Using a barbeque smoker is a great way to add flavor to your food. Many grills have attachments to accomplish this, but you wil get the best results by using smokers.

Forged Knives: the Tools for the Professional Cook and the Enthusiastic Home Cook

A forged knive is durable tool made for a lifetime use by the serious cook. The blade is precision-forged from one solid piece of steel and perfectly balanced. The edge is skilfully honed by hand and therefore incredibly sharp and easy maintainable.

Tips For Enjoying Banana Bread

Inviting some friends over for a Sunday brunch can be relaxing and entertaining experience. Brunch itself is famous for being one of the easiest meals to prepare when entertaining. The best thing about it actually is that there are so many different recipes that give you the chance to prepare brunch in advance so that you can enjoy the time when your guests arrive.

Puff Pastries Can Spice Up Your Meals and Help You Cook!

It’s not difficult to bake puff pastries. Get yourself an oven and a timer and get started! Your family is probably tired of eating the same old thing day in and day out. Spice up your cooking with puff pastries!

The Best Tips for Storing, Serving and Buying Cheese

Cheese is more than buying a block of yellow cheese in a plastic wrapper from your local grocery store. There are so many different kinds of cheese and flavors of cheese that you need to search out the best places to buy cheese. There are specific things you can do that will help keep the freshness of your cheese and surely enhanced the unique flavors and textures of the varieties you are fond of.

Discover The Easiest Ways To Master Sugarcraft

Sugarcraft is probably the most misunderstood cake decorating technique. Learn what it is, and how you can create decorated cake masterpieces with it.

Use the Blender – A Quick Cooking Tip

Many times the tool you need to get your meals made in shorter amount of time is right under your nose. Yes you can use your blender for more than just making a smoothie.

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