Ang mahal ng sitaw di sa ksa

Low Fat Cooking

No matter what fad diet comes on to the scene it is always good practice to follow low fat cooking recipes in general. You can find a lot of great-tasting meals that are easy to prepare and that are cost-effective. Many of us are so used to low fat cooking that we know some of the recipes by heart.

Candy, Candy, Candy – How I Love You!

Anyone, everyone, toddler to nonagenarian, no matter where in the world they live, love candy. Is it the sweetness? The taste? Texture? Hardness? Softness? Or all of the above? Sweet foods, whether they be an intricately executed six-layer wedding cake or a single piece of hard candy from a paper tube, eaten on the run, are a necessity of life, if not physically then definitely psychologically.

Tandoori Cooking Without The Tandoor

Tandoor ovens are an important part of North Indian cooking and many famous dishes and breads were designed to be cooked in them, including tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, seekh kababs, reshmi kababs, naan and roti. Tandoors aren’t very common in the West, so this article looks at some alternatives you can use to make tandoori food.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is an important time of the year. And the stuffed turkey is a time honoured tradition. If its your turn to cook the turkey this year, here as some tips on how to make the most of it.

Cooking in the Caribbean

Caribbean cooking introduces all visitors to some truly distinctive flavors through the addition of spices and other ingredients like mangoes, coconut, lime, cassava, papaya, yam, guava, and peppers.

Why I Cook For 87 People

My step daughter always teases me when I use the number 87. It’s my “exaggeration number”, meaning that every time I exaggerate something I use the number 87. Even though I enjoy cooking, I’m all about efficiency and speed when it comes to preparing the next dinner; which is why I cook for 87 people. I find this easiest to accomplish in my crock pot.

Cottage Cheese Made From Real Milk

The buttermilk left from making butter can be used for baking or making cottage cheese.

Don’t Judge a Knife by Its Cover

Is a more expensive knife better than one that’s less expensive? You might think so but this article on knives shares a heartfelt story about a father who loves giving gadgets and a daughter who learned that you can’t always “judge a gadget, or in this case a knife, by its cover.”

Real Butter From Real Unhomogenized Milk

There is something very satisfying about making your own butter from milk that has not been homogenized. Especially if that milk has come from cows that were not full of BGH.

Corned Beef Contains No Corn

Have you ever wondered what corned beef is? Do you know why it is called corned beef? Have you ever made it from scratch? The process may surprise you.

The Language Of Cooking Lessons

The insertion of French words to the English language made cooking terms more complicated. With the dominance of these French people in the area of fine cuisine (another French term!), it is not so surprising that numerous terms have been included now in the language of cooking.

Save Money By Cooking At Home

Today most women work out of the home to make ends meet. Yet even with two incomes coming in, there are a lot of households that are struggling to make ends meet. Once great thing we can do to solve the money crunch is to stop eating out so much and do more cooking at home. It is estimated that families and singles eat out an average of four meals per week. That is an increase of 23% from just a few years ago.

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