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Cheese and Cracker Platter That Will Wow Your Guests

The next time your guests arrive for a party they will think you spent a fortune at the local deli to feed them. Use these tips to create an amazing platter.

Healthy Eating For Kids Is Essential

A scrumptious meal is sure to elicit the gorgeous smile of any child. A single meal that is delicious and healthy is a rarity, however. Healthy eating for kids can seem difficult and perhaps even insurmountable, and the trick is to make easy, small adjustments. Though most kids don’t like them, healthy eating for kids starts right at the most basic – vegetables.

Pork Leftovers – 5 Great Tips for Using Pork Broth

Pork broth is a great flavor enhancer. Here are a couple tips to make your food stand out.

How to Cook Soup – Vegetarian Style

Many people wonder how to cook healthy soup. It’s such a simple food when you think about it.

Knowing When Your Frying Pan Is Ready for Stir Frying

Have you ever had a problem with knowing when your frying pan was ready to cook with? I’ve had the problem several times of starting to cook when it was too hot or not hot enough. Luckily, I figured out this awesome way to solve that problem and I’ve never had a problem with knowing if it was too hot or cold since.

An Observation With Leafy Green Stems

Do you like eating dark leafy greens? If you cook them, do you follow the widely accepted step of cutting off the stem of these veggies? Well, after some experimentation, I’ve figured out why.

Bread Making Machines – Get Creative and Make Perfect Pizza Dough In Your Bread Making Machine

Bread making machines are a versatile and clever invention that many people use at home on a regular basis in their kitchens. As well as making bread, your trusty bread making machine can be used to make all types of other delectable baking products such as dough for pizzas, sweet breads, homemade jams and spreads.

How To Reduce Stress During Meal Preparation – 4 Easy Tips

These basic kitchen fundamentals are used successfully in restaurants and commercial kitchens to create efficiency and can easily be applied to home cooking. The principle of Mise en place (pronounced [MEEZ ahn plahs]) is a French term basically meaning “everything in place.” This simple concept can turn a harried chaotic cooking experience into a meal preparation nirvana. Well, maybe that’s stretching it a little, but you get this gist.

The Brown Rice Comeback – Cooking and Combining It Into Your Kitchen

How has it happened that the delicious full, nutty flavor and highly nutritious brown rice has become a forgotten secret? Long known to the health food conscious community and macrobiotic advocates, the rest of us would be wise to discover brown rice and include it in our weekly menu.

Secrets to a Perfect Fried Chicken

A basket or a bucket of fried chicken is ideal for picnics and kiddie parties. It tastes good and so easy to eat with your hands, so using utensils is just an option. We are fond of buying a bunch at our favorite fast food stores and we often wonder how these pieces become so crunchy.

After Alaskan Adventures, Travellers Get Their Seafood Fixes at Home

These days, it’s more popular than ever to take a trip to Alaska. As word of the 49th state’s beauty has spread, people are flocking there to take Alaskan cruises, which make it possible to see many of the state’s natural wonders and taste their best foods. One of the huge attractions that really draws people in is the state’s beautiful wildlife and outdoor opportunities. Fortunately, Alaska fish help tie nearly all tourists to the state because visitors enjoy eating fresh seafood, watching them in the wild and attempting to catch them. No matter what kind of trip people take to Alaska, they’re going to wind up interacting with the state’s amazing sea life.

Alaska Surimi Means Great Taste For Less Money

Buying seafood can be expensive. In almost any situation, it is much cheaper to buy the same old chicken breasts that you have been eating for dinner than any cut of fresh fish. This is especially true if you are interested in buying shellfish. Whether you are making appetizers for a cocktail party, cooking up a seafood gumbo for dinner, or trying to create some homemade sushi for a fun weekend dinner at the house, going and buying the ingredients can be a major hit to the wallet!

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