Alcoholic Manager Lies to Gordon About His Drinking | Hotel Hell

Alcoholic manager puts on a show for Gordon.

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Culinary Tools of the Trade

Mastering food is good, but in order to stun everyone with your kitchen is to get the best culinary tools. Learn about the different tools of the trade. Make an impression.

Top 10 Time-Saving Tools in the Kitchen

Besides your trusted Santoku or Chef’s knife and a large chopping board, what tools actually save time and frustration in the kitchen? Here are my top 10 time-saving tools, that are versatile, and inexpensive, and how I use them them.

Want to Make Pizza in Fast and Easy Way? Try an Outdoor Pizza Oven!

Tired of making pizza in your bulky oven? Do you want to make pizza with your personal touch in a fast and easy way? Bother no more! Here’s an Outdoor Pizza to suffice your need! It’s more convenient and best way to make pizza anywhere else!

Tools Home Cooks Love – 10 Clever, Timesaving Kitchen Tools For Under $50 (And Often Much Less)

After years of fixing meals for my family, my friends, my relatives, even my pets, I realized there are a handful of cook’s tools I use over and over because they do exactly what they are meant to do – help me get dinner on the table quickly and efficiently. My favorite cooking tools are well made, well designed, and great values.

Is Microwave Cooking Safe and Healthy?

Almost every modern house owns a microwave oven today. Many people find it convenient, quick and safe to use. But, is it safe to use a microwave oven?

Things You Should Think About When Choosing a Saucepan

An array of gleaming copper saucepans looks good on the kitchen wall, but you’d be wise to leave them there as decorations, unless they’re lined with stainless steel. Some of metal from saucepans and frying pans can leach into the food you’re cooking, and copper can actually cause sickness and diarrhea. Aluminum, which most cheap saucepans are made of, has been linked with Alzheimer ‘s disease. It’s not a definitely proven cause, but people who have died with Alzheimer’s have been found to have aluminum in their brains.

Food Service Equipment – What to Know Before You Buy

Is your building set up for gas or electric appliances? This is a common mistake of restaurant owners to neglect to find that out before they purchase appliances like ovens and stoves.

Basic Food Preparation Knowledge to Avoid Food Poisoning

You should have the food knowledge before prepare the food. Not many fresh foods will do you any harm, but there are some that shouldn’t be eaten, any a few things need special preparation to destroy natural toxins.

Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking – Ten Top Tips

Changing your diet to become gluten and dairy free can seem a daunting prospect. But with some careful planning gluten and dairy free recipes can become second nature. This article gives ten top tips for making them easier.

Dinner in Minutes

As today’s schedules get more and more hectic, cooks are often faced with the choice of a greasy take-out meal or an hour sweating over a stove. In order to keep your meals healthy and inexpensive, it helps to know a couple of quick cooking tips. When it takes no more than 15 minutes to put together a delicious meal, a paper-wrapped burger just won’t look as tempting.

Electric Fillet Knife

In cooking a meal of fish, ham or any other non vegetarian item, it has always been a problem cutting the meat. In days gone by cutting cleanly through a fish or chicken used to be a bit tedious and labor-intensive.

Barbecuing Year Round – Why Save it Just For Labor Day?

Labor Day is fast approaching, and the urge to fetch the lump charcoal and that Old Weber Kettle is building up inside backyard barbecue enthusiasts nation wide. But why is it that many of us BBQ only on the big summer holidays? Shouldn’t we celebrate this national rite of passage year round?

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