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Information And Tips On Jerk Seasoning

Chicken, pork and even vegetables can be spiced up with the exotic jerk seasoning. Jerk originates in Jamaica and involves marinating with a fiery mixtures of ingredients. The seasoning itself gets its flavor and indeed its heat from allspice which the Jamaicans call pimento and peppers, usually the really hot ones called Scotch bonnet which can be a test to the taste buds and be an eye watering addition to any dish.

The Chicken or the Egg: Not What Came First, But What Will Make You Sick First

Can a person contract a food borne illness from a chicken, egg or both? Learn about safe handling and preparation and how to avoid getting sick from the chicken and the egg.

Tips For Making Restaurant Quality Chinese Food at Home

Learning a few tips and techniques can help you create restaurant-style Chinese meals at home. With easy Chinese recipes, the right ingredients, and good equipment, anyone can learn how to cook Chinese food at home that rivals anything that they can buy from their favorite takeout or delivery restaurant.

Shrimp Sauces That Swing

There is surely no more popular seafood food globally than shrimp which can be used in many variations. This well-liked crustacean is found worldwide in most fresh and salt water areas. Served in numerous ways either grilled barbecued deep fried or steamed, they are immensely tasty with shrimp sauces.

Soft and Chewy Treats – An Introduction to Nougat, With an Easy Recipe to Wow Your Kids

Let me introduce you to the delights of soft and chewy candies. Nougat is an easy-to-make candy which can be made in numerous different flavors. Included is an simple recipe to make nougat, to please your family and friends.

Best Material For Cookware: Is It Stainless Steel?

Having a great set of pots and pans for cooking is what every home chef desires. Finding the best quality cookware takes a bit of research. If you are not convinced that stainless steel is best, read the comparison within.

Rice Cookers – A Simple, Safe, and Easy Way To Cook Your Rice

Rice cookers can certainly simplify the task of cooking rice. But did you realize that the electric rice cooker is safer than boiling rice in a pot on the stove?

Cleaning Rice Cookers – Are Rice Cookers Hard to Clean?

Cleaning a rice cooker really is quick and easy. It is a heck of a lot easier than cleaning that pot on the stove that you burned the rice in.

Things That Need To Be Known About Jerk Seasoning

Jerk seasoning is a food experience that comes from the sunny and friendly island of Jamaica. When it is used in ingredients to cook it isn’t just a recipe full of flavor but an integral part of their lifestyle which is based around the sunshine, beaches and living a fun life socializing with friends and family and even meeting new people. Culture is enhanced by the whole experience and it has become a way to integrate food into social situations.

How to Make Chicken Jerky With a Food Dehydrator

Making chicken jerky in your own home is actually easy and fun as well. Once you have all the supplies you can do it in a single day. To start with you need to buy some chicken meat.

How to Go Gluten Free Without Losing Out On Flavor

Many families these days are choosing to go gluten free. It can be daunting, however, to think about giving up all those wheat-based cereals, crackers, cookies, and breads we so love. But gluten-free cooking can be very flavorful, and there are entire aisles in some natural food stores and grocery stores dedicated to gluten-free foods. Here are some tips on going gluten free without sacrificing flavor.

How To Steam Potato And What Are The Best Varieties For Steaming and Boiling?

These days the pressure cooker is rarely an essential part of the battery de cuisine. Potatoes cooked in a pressure cooker take 5-6 minutes but precision cooking is vital, otherwise the results are slop.

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