होली के त्यौहार के लिए स्पेशल ईरानी समोसे || Make Irani Samosa with Vandana

Simple and Natural Ways to Keep Food Fresh

It does not matter what type of food you love to eat. Make sure you are consuming fresh and high quality foodstuffs.

The Meco Smoker: A Viable Option

A Meco smoker may not be the most well named brand on the market, but if you want great smoked brisket or ribs it may be the perfect choice for you. Professional pitmasters may think otherwise, but thousands or people who use these smokers regularly can tell you that Meco smokers simply get the job done and do it well.

Sesame Seed Spice Used in Cooking for Its Nutty Flavor

Sesame has been grown for centuries for its seeds that have approximately 50% oil content. Sesame seeds give a crunchy nutty flavor to foods. Sesame oil is also used in cooking.

Paprika Spice Is Red and Mild to Hot

Paprika is a spice that comes from the dried fruits of Capsicum plants, like bell peppers and hot peppers. Mild paprika comes from dried, ground mild peppers and hot-tasting paprika comes from hotter ones, seeds included.

Saffron Spice Imparts Yellow to Many Dishes

Saffron is a spice that comes from the brightly colored stigmas and styles of the purple-flowering saffron crocus plant. Harvesting the spice by hand makes it the most expensive spice in the world, but a little goes a long way. Saffron is used sparingly for its yellow color in many cuisines.

Turmeric Spice Is Yellow Hot and Full of Medical Promise

Turmeric is a pungent spice that comes from a plant in the ginger family. The yellow root is dried and ground to make the spice that is used in many cuisines and in traditional medicines. The curcumin content is responsible for its health effects.

Is the Vitamix Juicer Right for You?

Vitamix is loved by many professional chefs and critic and touted as one of the healthier ways to eat and drink food made from Vitamix. The company means it when their logo says “It is not a blender, it is Vitamix”.

Peppercorns Ground to Make Black Pepper Spice

Peppercorns are the natural form of our common table pepper that is typically paired with salt. Black pepper spice comes from a different type of pepper than the green, red, yellow, orange or purple ones you might eat as a vegetable. Peppercorns are ground to make black pepper spice.

Cookie Baking Tips – Chewy Vs Crunchy

What is your favorite type of cookie, chewy or crunchy? Apparently cookie manufactures think a crunchy cookie is the most popular. That is why there are so many varieties of hard, crunchy cookies and only recently have we seen a chewy cookie selection in the marketplace. But if you are tired of all the additives and the hard crunchy varieties, here are some tips you can use to bake your favorite type of cookie. Chewy or Crunchy, what is your perfect cookie?

How to Use a Pastry Bag

Now that you have baked that delicious cake or that patch of wonderful cookies, it is time to decorate. Most of us will reach for that bowl of frosting and a spatula of knife and spread a thick coating over our goodies. This is fine and quite acceptable, but if you want to create something that stands out on the crowded dessert table,reach for the pastry bag. Don’t have a pastry bag? Read on to find out what you can do instead.

Basic Baking Tips – How to Bake a Cake

If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake. Well, I would have but I am not too sure how to go about it. For the new cook, or the seasoned cook looking for some tips, this is the article you need to read. In the day of fast foods it seems all too easy to grab that box of mix and add a few wet ingredients to produce a cake. Most box mixes today, however, contain additives that you probably don’t want your family to consume. For those of us watching labels, baking from scratch can be the answer to reducing the chemicals our family is consuming. Here are some simple tips to help you bake that perfect cake.

Save Your Wallet and Your Waistline With Freezer Cooking

Have you heard of freezer cooking? It’s a great way to save time and money while eating healthier meals at home!

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