पारंपरिक तरीके से तैयार। ।गौरी गणेश स्पेशल। ।सूजी बेसन लड्डू

BBQ Dry Rub Brings Out the Natural Flavor of Your Meat

Most people think of a BBQ dry rub as a way to infuse meats with intense flavor, but a rub is actually intended to do much more than that. A good rub will actually affect the color and texture of your BBQ meats for the better. With the right amount of a good rub you will not only have the best tasting ribs, steak, chicken and other meats of your life, but they will all be tender, well colored and nicely textured.

Bread Maker Buying Advice

Anyone who has owned a bread maker will tell you that not all recipes and also that not every bread maker are most likely to produce a good loaf, but you can look out for the extra features offered by them which can be decisive of buying the correct one. You will also find variation in what recipes are suited to your type of bread maker. If you decide to start experimenting and creating your own recipes then be prepared for a few mistakes!

There Is No Such Thing As Unhealthy Food But There Is Such A Thing As Unhealthy Cooking

There is no such thing as unhealthy food, but food can be made unhealthy by the way it is cooked. Your body gets a variety of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates fat and fibre from many different types of food and everyone of these is vitally important to maintain good health.

Making Oven Baked Bread at Home – Top Tips for a Better Loaf

If you are serious about baking bread at home, there are a few tips that you can do to improve the quality of the loaves that you bake and a few basic accessories that can help you make that perfect loaf. Choose the right recipes; Choose the right bread tins.

What’s For Dinner Tonight? 3rd Edition

Pinto Beans with Hot Water Cornbread. Being an old Midwesterner, it’s customary in our household for a pot of beans to be on the stove at least once week during this is the time of year. Forget the canned kind. We’re making this staple from dried pinto beans and a simple hot water cornbread technique that any careful person can do.

Famous Chinese Dishes

As quoted by someone, the saying that “Chinese not just enjoy eating but believe eating good dishes may bring harmony and closeness towards the family and relationships” is true. Chinese dishes are extremely unique and tasty dishes that have gained acceptance and found its variations on the way.

Hate to Cook or Can’t Cook? Buy a Slow Cooker or Crock-Pot

If you hate to cook or can’t cook and feel that you can burn water, buy a slow cooker or crock pot. A slow cooker will allow you to free up time to do other things while your meal tends to itself. No standing over a hot stove.

Natural Aloe-Vera Juice and the Positive Aspects

The natural aloe-vera plant is indigenous to Africa. The ancient people have applied this plant to cure minor skin pain and injuries because of its calming properties. It’s been proven to heal wounds ever since these ancient times. The jelly which originates from the flesh from the plant can be used to create juice that some drink like a supplement. This plant may be known as a miracle plant along with a natural healer.

6 Key Elements to Making Whole Wheat Challah With A Bread Machine

Making your own Whole Wheat Challah is easy, inexpensive and enables you to know exactly what ingredients are used in it. Buying commercially produced Challah is not difficult; but knowing exactly what ingredients are used to produce it is less clear. I make my own because I want to be sure that all ingredients are healthy for my family to consume. This article teaches you 6 key elements to making Whole Wheat Challah with a Bread Machine.

Five Pies for Your Your Holiday Party

Pies are always the best dessert to be served for any kind of party, be it wedding or corporate party. They are always cherished for its delicious and delectable taste. It’s always good to enjoy homemade pies. Variety of ingredients like berries, spiced fruits and custards along with some flavors like cinnamon and cloves can be used to make different kinds of pies.

Crawfish Pot – Major Equipment of Boiled Crawfish Recipes

There is nothing to be compared with the boiled crawfish from the right crawfish pot. The party is absolutely enjoyable in a crawfish party.

All About Creole Delicacies and Louisiana

Louisiana is like a melting pot place shall we say. Through mixtures it has become a good place for parties, Creole delicacies and cuisine. Whatever you look for, you can always find it in Louisiana.

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