पापड़ का परांठा बनाने की विधि।।राजस्थान का मशहूर परांठा। ।Papad parantha by vandana

Solving the Affordability Issues With Discount Small Kitchen Appliances

Everyone wishes to have a well maintained kitchen. However in getting the quality items and furnishing the kitchen perfectly, the questions of affordability crop up very often. Discount small kitchen appliances could be the solution for such people.

Finding Your Perfect Culinary Path

Breaking into the culinary arts field is just like trodding down any other career path. Get the right education, and a little determination and dedication goes a long way.

Kids Cooking Activities

Cooking activities kids love to do there are so many, you may find it difficult to decide where to start. I always find the best place to begin is to let your child cook something that they enjoy to eat, that you have made for them before whether it is baking Rainbow Fairy Cakes or Pizza, Scrambled Eggs on toast for lunch, something that is easy and fun to do.

3 Steps: Grilling Exceptional Beer Can Chicken

In this article, you’re going to discover quick and easy methods on exactly how to make moist, tender and flavorful Beer Can Chicken on the grill. Really, this will be one of the best birds you’ll ever taste!

How To Toast Pecans

Pecans are a great nut to use for cooking and baking. Not only do they have a variety of health properties but they also add a nice texture and a bit of a sweet flavor to many foods, especially if they are candied. Some recipes work well with raw pecans, but other times a recipe works better with toasted pecans. Here are a few different ways you can toast pecans.

The Charcoal Grill Smoker – Re-Purposing Your Kettle

Most people own a grill designed to quickly cook meats like burgers and hot dogs. But did you know you can also use that grill to slowly smoke briskets and ribs? It requires some effort, but there is a way to turn that grill into a charcoal grill smoker.

10 Ways to Get More From Your Kitchen Experiences

Are you fed up of the meals you’ve created not coming out how you intended? Here are 10 ways to help you get more from your time in the kitchen.

Finding the Right Knife

If there’s one thing professional chefs are possessive about, its their knives. This is because a knife set is intensely personal, each blade an extension of the chefs hand. A good knife enhances your skills, while a poor one can undermine them. You may not be a professional chef, but if you’re serious about cooking, chances are you want to replace your everyday blades with something better. Yet with so many options, finding the right knife can seem like a big challenge.

In Depth Tips in Artisan Bread Baking

Getting in depth means knowing more stuff aside from the ingredients itself. On this article, you’ll know more tips about the composition of the ingredients and about fermentation.

Going Gluten Free in Artisan Bread Baking

People with Celiac disease sometimes don’t even know they have it. Most of them complain for years for bad digestion before finding out what causes it: Gluten.

5 Steps on How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Cooking the perfect steak takes a bit of practice. But once you know how its easy. Here is our 5 step guide to the most delicious and tasty steaks.

Cooking for Beginners: Types of Cookware

When starting to cook it is important to choose the right tools for cooking. While overlooked, the types of pots and pans you use are important to what and how you cook. Learning to use them correctly is an important step for becoming a better cook.

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