नारियल की बरफ़ी (खोपरा बरफ़ी) बिना मावा, बिना घी के तैयार ।। by vandana

Tips On Cooking Without Cheese

Cheese is something that many people love, but the food does not always love them. Anyone who is lactose intolerant can experience pain, bloating, and diarrhea when consuming dairy products like cheese.

Tips for Chinese Cooking Made Easy

Have you ever wanted to make Chinese food at home, but were too intimidated by the thought of actually doing it? After all, there can be a lot of exotic ingredients that you might think are hard to find, and the techniques might be different, but you need not worry. By learning a few tips and tricks, Chinese cooking made easy is possible in your own home.

Confessions of a Gas Grill Smoker

When I gave up my charcoal grill for a gas grill, I thought I had given up smoking. Bad habits die hard.

Bet You Don’t Know Jack? About Cooking Steaks on a Gas Grill That Is!

Cooking steaks on a gas grill can be hit or miss. As in baseball, it’s all about the preparation.

How To Cook On a Gas Grill

Cooking on a gas grill can be a greater challenge than cooking on your indoor stove. However, a few easy tips should have you wearing the “Kiss Me I’m the Cook” apron in no time.

Artificial Sugar Substitutes or Sweeteners

In the article Easy Sugar Substitutes I discussed the more common sugars we find in stores, including white granulated sugar, honey and corn syrup. I should have mentioned that agave nectar and palm sugar are also natural sugars from plants and can be used in baking. Because of the concern for additives in the foods that we purchase, I thought it might be good to know a few things about these artificial sugar substitutes.

Making Candies For Children With Diabetes

An introduction to making sugar-free candies for diabetic children. We look at two safe alternative ingredients, and give a simple candy recipe or your next childrens’ party whether they are diabetic or not.

Virgin Coconut Oil – Everything You Need to Know

Some years ago, coconut oil used to receive flak. It was the culprit behind high blood pressure, heart diseases and other…

Tasty, Healthy Vegetable Tips

Vegetables are tasty or bland, depending on how you fix them. Here are some simple tips for yummy, healthy vegetables. You can use the same technique for different types of vegetables like potatoes, asparagus, green beans, or carrots.

Dinner Basics: Tips for Easy and Nutritious Meals

It’s easier than you think to create nutritious, inexpensive meals on the fly. I offer tips and methods for making great meals that are both worthy of company and easy enough for beginners. Really! Whether you’re omnivore or vegan, these basics will have you throwing together many a delicious dinner in no time! Note: I’m Mediterranean food centric.

Halloween Cupcake Decorations – Know The Right Procedure!

Kids basically love to have sweets that are decorated with goblins, witches, spiders and all that is related to Halloween. To decorate cupcakes in an innovative way, you can make use of image transfers, plastic decorations, and even craft supplies.

Best Oil For Deep Fried Recipes – It Makes All The Difference!

Deep frying indicates preparing food in hot oil. In contrast to sauteing or pan frying, your meals are completely immersed in the oil whenever you deep fry. This particular cooking food technique could be traced to unique European and Asian origins, once the excess fat had been rendered from beef and used to prepare meals quicker compared to roasting or even simmering.

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