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German Or Japanese Chef Knife – Which Is the Best Chef Knife for You

There are a variety of brands and models of chef knives on the market. The competition is very high. The best chef knife, especially if compared to an everyday kitchen knife, would be either the Japanese chef knife or the German chef knife.

Collard Greens – How to Cook Collards

Collard greens are higher in calcium than milk; here you will learn how to select and cook Collard greens so that they are delicious. This hearty leafy vegetable brings back memories of my stepfather who grew up in Oklahoma. A mess of greens were a staple on the dinner table when he was a child.

How to Store Beef Jerky and Other Jerky

The enemies of jerky are the same enemies of fresh food: moisture, air, heat, sunlight and time. A food dehydrator eliminates moisture from jerky in order to inhibit the bacteria that need moisture to grow, survive and ultimately spoil food.

Steak Tips – How to Cook a Tender Steak, Regardless of Cut

There is no need to fork out big bucks for choice cuts of meat. Sure, the occasional choice cut purchase is necessary, but not every time. Learn some tricks that will help you achieve tenderness and flavor with some of the lesser quality cuts of steak.

Food Gifts: Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegars and More!

With an increasing amount of food programmes now appearing on our screens and with people’s expectations of food increasing, food related gifts are becoming more and more popular. Great gourmet gifts can include olive oil, olives, balsamic vinegars and gourmet food hampers. Such items are products which you are not necessary going to find on the high street which makes the gift more unique to the recipient.

Importance of Canning Pickle in Your Diet Menu

Pickles are the favorite side dish for many foods. This is preferred by many people across the globe in different forms.

Cooking Is Easier Than You Think

When I talk about cooking, I am referring to the basic foods that give you the energy and nutrition to live. I’m not talking about creating culinary masterpieces such as croissants, a perfect roux, or beef Wellington.

We Be Jamming!

About a month ago, I stood in my kitchen covered with sticky jam that was also oozing everywhere on my countertop, stove top, and any other surface I had been recently. I had been Jammed.

Dora the Explorer Cake Tin, You Won’t Be Needing A Map!

Go with a Dora Explorer Birthday Cake and You are on to a Winner! It is such a wonderful cake to make and using the Dora cake tin makes it so easy and simple. You will be so impressed.

Southern Fried Cabbage: What’s Behind The Growing Popularity?

Southern fried cabbage, see why it continues to grow in popularity as a favorite southern side dish for millions of people. Find out what’s driving this growing trend, plus a simple recipe anyone can cook.

Cast Iron Cooking

Cooking with cast iron has been around for a very long time. The traditional Dutch oven has been around for hundreds of years. Iron cookware was used by early colonists and settlers to America and was well loved due to its extreme versatility and durability.

Simple Steps On How To Make A Rock Candy At Home

Learning how to make your own candies at home is one way of spending your free time and making your kids, family, and friends happy. There are actually many different kinds of candies that you can make at home. And, one of the easiest to make is rock candy.

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